What is the best trading computer?

If you are trading during market hours, streaming live data and running multiple programs you ask a lot from your computer.  For instance, when I'm on I have live data streaming from my broker being shared by two or more applications, I have my trading platform, my research tools, e-mail, a web browser, and maybe even video feeds from CNBC, Tasty Trade, etc.  You might also have a live chatroom streaming or have several live charts open and streaming at one time.

That's a lot of data, a lot of processing, a lot of resources being used simultaneously.

So, what makes a computer a good trading computer?

Trading Computer e-BookWe have a PDF e-book that has been published by a 25-year Wall Street veteran and self-confessed life long computer geek.  His name is Eddie Z and he has developed a unique perspective on trading computers and what it takes to have a super fast and reliable trading computer system.  This e-book guide is intended to pass that information along to our members here at TheOptionClub.com so that we can avoid inferior computer systems - even those that are being sold by others as "trading computers."

Even if you are not planning to buy a new computer right now, I encourage you to download this guide anyway.  Read it now and then hold onto it until you are ready to purchase your next tradign system or finding yourself in need of a system upgrade.  Here's why...

I got a copy of this e-book a couple years ago.  I have always been relatively tech savvy.  I have even built some of my own computers, upgraded pretty much all of my machines on my own, etc.  I thought I knew everything I needed to know about computers to purchase, build or upgrade a good trading machine.

I was wrong!

When I read this e-book I was really impressed with the quality and the completness of the information that was shared.  I learned enough that I was able to upgrade my personal laptop which I was going to replace because it was too slow. So, what did I do to get 10X performance out of the old machine?

Swap out the processor?  Nope.  Add more RAM?  Nope, again.  Increase the clock speed?  Add nitrousoxcide?  Rocket fuel?  Warp drive?  Nah.  It was none of those.  It was just one component that cost me a couple hundred buck and that old machine was running faster than when I first took it out of the box.

This is an easy read.  You will not get lost in a lot of technical jargon.  Eddie tells you the exact components that he uses and recommends.  He explains the purpose of each component and why they are important.  He will also share with you those components that are bargains worth buying and tell you which to avoid.

Not only has Eddie made the e-book available to us, he has also produced a video to further illustrate the concepts that are shared in the e-book.  It's all about helping you understand and be able to identify what goes into a fast and reliable trading machine and which systems you want to avoid.

So, use the button below and get a copy now.

Complete Guide to Trading ComputersDownload Now!

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