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OptionNET Explorer is an advanced options analysis platform, designed by options traders to meet their specific needs.  It is unlike any other options analysis or trading platform that you have seen.

What sets it apart from it's competition is its focus upon the trader and the desire to control risk and to improve upon one's trading results.  The software was developed within the Sheridan Options Mentoring community by one of the mentoring students.  A talented programmer, he set about programming a software platform to satisy his own needs based upon what he was learning in the mentoring program.  After sharing the software with others in the community and incorporating suggestions from others, the software began to take form and eventually emerged as fully featured options analysis platform.

After being provided access to OptionNET Explorer, a handful of features stood out.  The program allows a trader to back-test strategies using actual historical exchange data delivered in five minute time slices.  Pressing a single button the data will begin updating at the speed and time increment you choose.  For example, if you wish to begin trading weekly options you might set the software to play back quickly with each "tick" representing a five or ten minute time slice.  Your position's risk graph will update before your eyes, allowing you to see how the position develops on an intra-day basis and make decisions along the way.  If you are interested in learning to tade covered calls you might choose a moderate play-back speed with each tick represent one day's price move.

By back-trading in this way you can gain insight and experience in a realistic but simulated environment.  Using the historical data you can literally trade a year's worth of weekly trades in an afternoon and a couple year's worth of monthly covered calls over lunch.  Plus, there is no need to place capital at risk until you have tested yourself and your trading strategy.  Once you are ready to take the next step and trade the positions live, you can use OptionNET Explorer to track those live positions which means that your live trading will look very much like your practice trading.

Once a trade is opened there are also tools that help you assess market movement, overcome greed when time to take profits, and identify when it is time to accept a loss.  As you continue to use the software it will track your trades, the types of trades you are taking, and the profits and losses that you experience along the way.  OptionNET Explorer then allows you to quickly and easily gain insight into your trading by showing you a P&L for each trade type, trade duration, underlying security, and more.  Are you more profitable on weekly trades or monthly trades?  Are your iron condors more profitable than your covered call trades?  Are you making or losing money trading VIX optons over the long run?  Imagine quickly identifying the weak points and the sweet spot in your trading.  You would be able to quickly focus yourself right were you can be most profitable.

OptionNET Explorer is serious software designed for indepednent traders.  It is a tool for those who are willing to work hard at the craft of options trading and has the power to make you more consistent and more profitable over time.

If you would like to learn how OptionNET Explorer can improve your trading and how you can get access to the software for a 30-day trial, use the link below and we would be happy to share even more information including the details of special price discounts!

OptionNET Explorer Product Demonstration and Pricing

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