Exploring Diagonal Time Spreads with John Summa, Ph.D.

Diagonal Time Spreads with John Summa, Ph.D.

Time spreads are one of the most flexible basic options strategies a trader has available.  This class of trade involves the use of long and short options with differing expiration months.  Depending upon how they are constructed, you might hear them referred to as calendar spreads, horizontal spreads, or diagonal spreads.

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Dr. Summa join us for a live 1-hour presentation, during which he shared his unique approach to using diagonal spreads.  John Summa, Ph.D.John Summa, Ph.D., is the founder and president of OptionsNerd.com  (Online Since 1998). He co-authored Options on Futures: New Trading Strategies and Options on Futures and Getting Started in Employee Stock Options, and is also the author of Trading Against The Crowd: Profiting From Fear and Greed in Stock, Futures and Options Markets, which presents contrarian sentiment trading indicators and trading systems for stocks, futures and options. OptionsNerd.com provides professional training and educational support to stock, options and futures traders.

The presentation was limited to an hour, although we did go well beyond that.  Nonetheless, there is a limited amount that can be covered in that time.  In addition to sharing his knowledge with us for an hour, Dr. Summa also arranged a limited time special offer for our community which is discussed at the end of the presentation.

The DVD special offer, and the books and resources mentioned during the presentation, are posted below.

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Special Offer

Diagonal Spread DVD Special Offer

Referenced Resources


McMillan, Options as a Strategic Investment


Natenberg, Options Volatility and Pricing[/boxblue]


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