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We routinely host live trading presentations, which we record for later re-play.  Those videos are made avilable in the Trading Room library for benefit of our subscribers, and some of the videos are made available here on a complimentary basis.  If you find them useful, consider joining us in the Trading Room.

  • Trading Iron Condors in 2012 with Dan Sheridan
    On Tuesday, January 10, 2012, Dan Sheridan joined us to talk about and share some thoughts about iron condors - whether you should trade them and, if so, how you might want to trade them - in the coming months.
  • Iron Condor Adjustment Strategies by John Summa, Ph.D.
    John Summa, Ph.D., is a professor of economics and a very experienced trader who has a particular affinity for trading iron condors. He has developed a series of iron condor adjustment strategies or “defense tactics” that he uses when his trades come under pressure from an unfavorable market move. Some of those adjustment strategies were shared with us during a one-hour web-cast presentation.
  • Learn How to Adjust Time Spreads with Dan Pasarelli
    This was a one-hour webinar presentation featuring Dan Pasarelli, a veteran professional options trader, educator and author. Attendees of this presentation came to learn how to find and manage quality time spread option trades, learn how to "roll-in" and "roll-out" of time spreads, and discover how to use adjustment techniques to best capture profits, and repair losing trades.
  • Options Trades For Volatile Markets
    On Tuesday, August 16, 2011, Mark Sebastian from the OptionPit joined us for a live after-market presentation to share some ideas about the types of options trades he believes make sense under the market conditions that we have been witnessing lately. While this presentation was not intended to serve as any form of trading advice or recommendation, it offered insight and ideas into how we might look at the market as retail traders for opportunities created by the uncertainty and volatility that accompany these types of market sell offs.
  • Profiles of Successful Retail Options Traders
    There were two key concepts addressed during this presentation. The first concept is the idea that to be profitable over the long term there needs to be a focus upon risk management, so that if you earn 5% on a trade in the “winning” months that you cannot take a 15% or greater loss during a “losing” month. We then introduced some current and former students from Sheridan Mentoring to share some of their trading results so that we could see the level of discipline they were using to manage risk and limit losses and how each found a method to remain accountable to someone concerning their implementation of and adherence to their trading plan.
  • Lentz Volatility Indicator Training
    The Lentz Volatility Indicator was developed by Steve Lentz to assist options traders in evaluating whether market conditions are favorable for non-directional option selling strategies such as iron condors, butterflies, or calendar spreads. In this one-hour presentation Steve Lentz provides a thorough explanation of volatility in the context of options trading, shares the rationale behind his development of the Lentz Volatility Indicator, and then discusses how it might be used to guide your option premium selling.
  • Shattering Expectations and Getting Real with Mark Sebastian
    Popular media and the marketing that finds its way into our mailbox and e-mail folder focus upon the idea of achieving spectacular gains, which has left retail investors and traders with very optimistic financial targets. Mark Sebastian joined us to throw some cold water onto the discussion and confronted us with a question... What are realistic trading expectations?
  • Strategic Portfolio Design by Christopher Smith and Dan Sheridan
    Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) is the foundation for much of the investment advice provided to retail investors. In this video Christopher Smith from and Dan Sherdian from Sheridan Mentoring take a look at the effectiveness of MPT and discuss methods and techniques that might provide the retail investor and trader a strategic advantage over portfolio diversification and the traditional "buy and hold" approach.
  • Diamonetrics Training with Charles Cottle
    Charles Cottle provides an introductory training session for his Diamonetrics Java technical analysis tool. Technical analysis seeks out patterns in the market that are believed to provide a trader with a higher probability of correctly anticipating market direction. Charles Cottle also looks for symmetry within the market. As you will see in this training video, Diamonetrics is a symmetrical transparent diamond-shaped grid that can be used with any charting application you might have on your computer - everything from the highest end proprietary charting package to basic free charts you might find on the Internet.
  • Trading Weekly Options with Dan Sheridan
    Weekly options have become a somewhat popular subject of discussion. They do offer many benefits, but there are also some potential pitfalls involved. Dan Sheridan joined us to provide some insight into both the good and the bad of weekly options.
  • Mark Sebastian and the Reverse Harvey
    Mark Sebastian presented his "Reverse Harvey" butterfly adjustment technique. As options traders we typically look at adjustments as a way to "save our trade" when things are not going well in the market for us. but tend to overlook the opportunities we have to reduce risk and lock in profits when a trade is performing well. This butterfly adjustment technique falls into the later category; it allows you to reduce risk in the position.
  • How to Find Correct Elliott Wave Patterns in Market Charts
    In this timeless trading lesson on Elliott wave analysis, Elliott Wave International's Senior Currency Analyst Jim Martens gives you an answer to a very important question: "If you've identified the wrong Elliott Wave pattern, how do you find the right one?"
  • Analysis of the NASDAQ Market Index
    The trials and tribulations of these four countries (that have run up huge deficits) have been well known for quite some time. What is more important in my opinion is not the size of the debt, which is staggering, but rather what is going on with market perception. It's more important to the market than Ireland, Greece, Portugal, and Spain combined
  • Trading the RMO with Options
    I have been very pleased with the results I have been getting with a trading system called the “RMO.” In this live presentation I explain exactly what the RMO is and how I use it to trade options.
  • Mark Espy and the Compound Collar
    The compound collar is a trading method developed by Mark Espy, designed to protect stock position against a market decline. He uses a married put to lock-in profits and protect his equity position during rallies and rolls into a collar position by selling front-month calls under specific conditions. The result is that Mark sleeps very well knowing that his portfolio is safe.
  • Volatility for Traders by Mark Sebastian
    An introduction to the subject of option volatility featuring guest speaker Mark Sebastian from the OptionPit. Discover the fundamental concepts behind volatility and its effect upon option prices.
  • Dissecting Baby Butterflies with Charles Cottle
    Charles Cottle demonstrates advanced dissection techniques which allow a trader to identify the hidden realities within a larger option position, allowing for a discrete modification of the risk-to-reward profile of a complex option position. During this presentation Charles Cottle identifies and dissects out a series of "baby butterflies" from a larger butterfly position.
  • Using Market Club to Analyze a Trending Currency Market
    Adam Hewison from MarketClub demonstrates how to analyze a trending currency market. In this presentation he focuses in on the Aussie Dollar to reveal powerful trend analysis studies.
  • Trading MACD Divergences with Steve Lentz
    Steve Lentz from Discover Options joined us to discuss the concept of divergence in the MACD and how it might be used as part of a credit spread trading system.
  • VIX, VXX and VXV Options with Mark Sebastian – Part 2
    Mark Sebastian from the OptionPit returned for the second part of his presentation on the VIX, VXX and VXV. In this session we got down to brass tacks and began talking about how we can use all of this knowledge about these products to trade and hedge our portfolios.
  • VIX, VXX and VXV Options with Mark Sebastian – Part 1
    Mark Sebastian digs into the VIX and other related products, to explain what this index is and how traders might use it to their advantage. He also explores ETN (Exchange Traded Note) products like the VXX and VXV, explaining what they are and how they can be used. It was a lot of information that was covered during this presentation.
  • Identifying Exceptional Trend Following Opportunities
    Brad Stafford from Market Club demonstrates how exceptional returns can still be found in the stock market. The key is identifying and trading with a confirmed trend using a reliable trading method.
  • Chart Analysis of Apple Prior To iPhone Launch
    The iPhone will potentially have a signifcant impact upon Apple. Adam Hewison took some time to review the charts and share his insights on trading Apple in advance of the product launch.

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