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November 9, 2010 - by

Ron Ianieri

Ron Ianieri Is A Former Market Maker and Options Educator
Ron Ianieri started his trading career shortly after the market crash in October of 1987. This was a tough time to be a trader, but Ron persevered and learned his trade on the Foreign Currency Options Floor of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange. After two years of working the Foreign Currency Options Floor on the Philly exchange, Ron moved to the Equity Options Floor and was trained in option theory.

The next move in the evolution of this trader was becoming an Option Specialist in Dell Computer during the early 1990’s, when DELL was one of the busiest option books around. It was during this period of time that Ron Ianieri began to develop his highly respected Option Trader Trainee Course.

Ron was responsible for hiring and training new trader trainees and finalized the development of his Option Theory and Trading Course, which provided new floor traders with the information they needed to step out onto the exchange floor and compete with the seasoned veterans. He also aided in the development of his firm's proprietary trading and strategic risk management program that featured several sophisticated pricing models and analytic tools.

While with the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, he sat on some of the Exchange's committees including the Marketing Committee, the Automation Committee, and the Electronic Book Development Sub-Committee. After leaving the floor he joined a proprietary trading desk and has consulted for various mutual funds and hedge funds on investment selection protocols, risk management, and position and portfolio hedging techniques.

Ron Ianieri left the trding floor and became a co-founder of the Options University where he was the Chief Options Strategist. The course he developed for professional trainee traders formed the nucleus of their flagship Options Mastery course. From there he formed his own educational company where he continues to teach option theory and strategy to individual, self-directed investors. In 2009, Ron authored the book “Options Theory and Trading” which is published by Wiley and Sons.

In addition to his pursuits in trading and as an educator, Ron has been a frequent contributer on CNBC, CNBC Asia, Fox News, Fox Business News, Bloomberg Asia, and BNN for his market commentary. He is also frequently quoted in many financial publications and websites including,, Dow Jones, Market Watch, Barron’s, Wall Street Journal, ABC News, and countless radio talk shows.

Options Theory and Trading: Step-by-Step Guide To Control Risk And Generate Profits

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