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November 12, 2010 - by

Technical Analysis

Discover The Fundamental Concepts of Reading A Stock Chart
As with all things, the real secret to technical analysis is learning the fundamentals and then building from there. Thanks to Adam Hewison from we are able to bring you the following Trader's Whiteboard presentation.

  • Trader's Whiteboard No. 1
    This is the first of seven videos that introduce the topic of technical analysis from a trader's perspective. Each video is a short presentation that covers a fundamental aspect of chart reading and the use of technical analysis as part of your trading discipline.
  • Trader's Whiteboard No. 2
    This video profiles two high probability chart patterns, that you can start incorporating into your chart analysis today.
  • Trader's Whiteboard No. 3
    This installment focuses on simplifying your analysis. It touches upon basic trend analysis and then reviews some basic studies such as MACD, Stochastics, and other oscillators. The goal is not so much to pick tops and bottoms, but to identifying emerging trends and then jump on board for a significant portion of the move.
  • Trader's Whiteboard No. 4
    Adam Hewison covers three methods of using stop losses in this video. If you're trading without stops, it's probably because you're unsure about how to use set your exit points. Take about 7 minutes and watch this video, which will review three methods for selecting exit points. Incorporating this lesson into your trading could be one of the best things you could do for your financial success this year...
  • Trader's Whiteboard No. 5
    In this edition of the Traders Whiteboard we are introduced to the concept of establishing a trading game plan.
  • Trader's Whiteboard No. 6
    In this 6th lesson, we get into the interplay between fundamental and technical analysis. The whole video is a little under 7 minutes in duration, but it touches upon a couple key concepts so it's time well spent.
  • Trader's Whiteboard No. 7
    This seventh video covers continuation patterns. A continuation patten is one that signals a continuation of, or a return to, the prevailing trend.

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