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Quantum Swing Trader from Profits Run

Bill Poulos and Profits Run Have Released Their Newest Stock and Option Trading System

Last year I had the experience of reviewing Bill Poulos’ Instant Profits trading system and, later, his Super Divergence Blue Print. Concepts that I learned in both of those courses found their way into my options trading and have been responsible for literally adding thousands of dollars to my bottom line.

Introducing Quantum Swing Trader by Bill Poulos

Bill Poulos from Profits Run and Quantum Swing Trader developerLast month I received my copy of Bill Poulos’ latest stock and option trading course. It came with a complete trading manual, seven CD Roms with screen capture videos that provide detailed explanation and example, and several other products designed to give the total novice the foundation that is required to start trading. This is the Profits Run Quantum Swing Trader course.

If you are not an experienced trader, or even if you are brand new to the markets, Bill Poulos has thought of you. He included a copy of Mark McRae’s Trading for Beginners, that serves as a good primer for new traders.  Trading Mind Software and introductory options training materials are also included, to help you get off to a good start.

Quantum Swing Trader Finds Predictable Stock Price Moves

Having had about a month to pour over Bill Poulos’ Quantum Swing Trader, I wanted to fill you in because I have already found several concepts that will definitely be used in my trading. The heart of Quantum Swing Trader is a technique of identifying price points in the market where there will be a predictable movement in the share price of a stock. That move may be to the upside or downside, but the fact that it will move can be consistently predicted.

Bill Poulos has designed Quantum Swing Trader to take advantage of expected moves at price points where a meaningful move can consistently be predicted. Quantum Swing Trader is also sufficiently flexible to reverse course, from bullish to bearish and vice versa, should the market reverse in direction.

Simplicity In Design Of The Quantum Swing Trader System

Bill Poulos reveals one of the truths that many traders learn only after gaining years of experience. The best trading systems tend to be simple.

Quantum Swing Trader fits that description. You will learn how to use two common charting tools, found in most any charting software package, to identify those price points at which a significant market move is likely. Once you know that the move is coming, you simply need to apply the trading rules and money management discipline outline for you in the manual and video presentations. Quantum Swing Trader documents a complete trading system.

Quantum Swing Trader and Stock Options Trading

Bill Poulos | Quantum Swing Trader | Profits RunThe primary thrust of the system involves the purchase and sale of stock, there are also examples of substituting call or put options for added leverage.  In general, you will be buying an in-the-money call or put option using Bill Poulos' recommendations for entry and exit.  Option pricing models are not covered in the course, as it moves beyond the scope of what is intended to be offered by Quantum Swing Trader, but you receive sufficient information to adapt the system for use with options should you choose to do so.

Bill Poulos Does Not Give You A “Black Box” Trading System

Many companies selling trading systems, program their rule set into a proprietary piece of software. Their instructional materials and support services are geared to help you act upon the buy and sell signals generated by the software, but they leave you in the dark as to precisely how the signals are generated.

This “black box” approach prevents you from learning how the trading system works, from refining it to suit your individual needs, or from learning how to develop your own trading methods. Worse still, you become entirely dependent upon the software company for ongoing maintenance and upgrade of the trading system, as well as any data feed. Typically, this involves an annual contract costing hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

Each trading system that I have reviewed from Bill Poulos is a fully documented trading system. He reveals precisely how ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ signals are generated, how stops are set, how trades are opened and closed. With each trading course he demonstrates its use on different software platforms, giving you the choice as to which charting package you want to use. Once you learn one of Bill Poulos’ trading systems, you fully understand how and why it makes and loses money. This frees you to adapt and refine the system as you see fit. Since you’re not tied into a specific piece of software or data feed, you could easily translate the system for use in other financial markets.

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