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September 10, 2010 - by Christopher Smith

Trading Options As A Business

Can It Really Be This EASY To Learn How To Create A Portfolio Of Stock Option Trades, Adjust The Positions With Market Changes, And Manage The Whole Account Methodically "By The Numbers" Like A Professional?

The Answer Is "YES" ...

And If You Want To Eliminate All The Uncertainty That Keeps You In Losing Trades Too Long, Dispel The Fear That Has You Jumping Out Of Winning Trades Too Fast, And Rid Yourself Of The Indecision That Leaves You Afraid To "Pull The Trigger" On New Trades, Even When The Market Is Throwing Most Other Traders Into Chaos...

Then This May Be The Most Important Report You Have Ever Read...

But First!

Before you read on, there are some questions I want you to consider first. I won't ask you to write your answers down, but be honest with yourself as you respond to each one...

  • Did you come away from a weekend options trading seminar excited about what you learned, but have since realized that you don't know how to actually apply the information in the market?
  • Are you having difficulty getting a grip on HOW to actually make money trading options even after attending training sessions or completing a home study course?
  • Did you finally discover that the "guru" touting their version of covered calls, married puts, iron condors, or whatever the "option strategy du jour" may be, forgot to tell you that their favorite strategy doesn't work in all market conditions?
  • Has YOUR account been halved in the most recent market sell-off because YOU didn't know how to manage your positions and protect your portfolio? ( fair blaming a trade advisory service! It's your money, your account, and now it's your loss...but relax because you're about to learn how to keep this from ever happening again!)
  • Were you routinely making 5%, maybe 10%, several months in a row just to give up all those profits in one big market move? (By the way, the gurus set you up on this one because while you can make money most months, those high probability income strategies have a dark side to's revealed below.)
  • Still Trying To Figure Out How YOU Can Consistently Make Money Trading Options?
  • Is it just time that YOU discover how to trade stock options like you were running a well oiled business "by the numbers," to methodically create, manage, and adjust a portfolio of stock options trades without guesswork, stress or fear?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, I encourage you to read the rest of this report because it reveals information that you are going to find enormously valuable.

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