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Trading As A Business

Most retail traders approach trading as a hobby or smilar past time, but to achieve true success as a trader it is necessary to approach your trading as a business.
The following articles address the subject of starting and managing a trading business. This is the central focus of what we teach. Approach your trading with the seriousness of a professional.

  • The Tradingology Course by David Vallieres
    A central theme in our curriculum is the concept of diversifying risk across different securities, different price levels, and different time frames. In assembling the Tradingology course, David Vallieres combined a wide range of techniques and trading concepts - highligting the use of multiple securities, differing price level risk, and multiple time frames. We have licensed the course, which is now available to Trading Room members.
  • Understanding Black Swan Market Events
    The "Black Swan" in the context of options trading is an unexpected dramatic price move that can devastate monthly income option trades. By their very nature these events are not predictable. In the Trading Room we discuss trading methods to incorporate protection into an options portfolio to help reduce the risk of loss. These methods are not always readily apparent because they do not adhere the underlying normal distribution assumption through which most analytic platforms view the market.
  • Should You Leg Into An Iron Condor?
    By legging into an iron condor a trader hopes to enhance the overall yield and probability of success for their trade. The market offers nothing freely, however. Discover the pitfalls of legging into a trade before deciding whether you want to attempt this practice yourself.
  • Iron Condors and Risk Managment
    Iron condors are typically constructed so as to provide a high probability of success to the option trader but this does not guarantee success because the market is capable of making very quick moves in excess of three standard deviations. When one of those moves occurs, the iron condor trader is vulnerable and will most likely experience a significant loss of capital absent some intervening factor preventing the loss. An iron condor trader must really take on the role of risk manager. Once you realize that your attention needs to be focused upon loss avoidance and mitigation, then you can being taking steps to prevent the crippling blow while allowing the profits to accumulate.
  • The Myth of Monthly Income Trading
    Every month options are sold by traders who seek a steady monthly return ranging anywhere from a percentage point or on up. Monthly income trading has become popular with options traders, but remains an elusive objective. Here we tackle the myth of monthly income trading.
  • How To Use The Parabolic SAR To Set Stops
    The Parabolic SAR is a technical analysis tool used to set training stops. Discover how to use the Parabolic SAR to effectively identify stop-loss price triggers on your directional option trades.
  • Trading Options As A Business

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